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Enhance Your Property With a Water Feature

All it takes to make your backyard feel like a private paradise is a babbling brook or a rolling stream that flows through your garden. With Eisenbath Landscapes, you don’t need a natural water source on your property to enjoy the quiet, peaceful nature of a water feature. We can enhance your property with a pondless water feature that doesn’t require mass excavation or disrupting the rest of your property. Our team focuses on integrating these water elements seamlessly into your landscape, enhancing the tranquility and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. With a variety of sizes and styles, we build custom water features that fit your budget and complement your outdoor living spaces.
Pondless water feature install in St. Louis, MO

Custom Water Feature Installation in St. Louis

Soothing Sounds Right in Your Backyard

Custom Water Features St. Louis

Pondless Water Features

Expertly designed pondless water features that offer the beauty and sound of water without the upkeep of a traditional pond.
St. Louis Outdoor Water Element

Custom Waterfalls

Tailored waterfall installations become the focal point of your garden, creating a natural and relaxing ambiance.
Pondless Fountain Installation St. Louis

Affordable Options

We build custom water features in a variety of styles and sizes, so no matter your budget constraints, we can build something that works for you.
St. Louis Outdoor Water Element

Sustainable Systems

Every pondless water feature we build is sustainable, reducing water usage and waste without hindering beauty and function.

Water Feature Installation in St. Louis

What Is a Pondless Water Feature?

Unlike natural water features, our pondless streams and waterfalls don’t flow into a pond or another body of water. Instead, water is collected into a reservoir that is hidden below a layer of stone and gravel, and a small, quiet pump sends the water back to the top of the water feature. This creates an endless flow of water, mimicking a natural stream or waterfall. With the right design, installation, and blend of natural features like rocks and plants, you won’t be able to tell the difference.
St. Louis Water Feature Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Eisenbath Landscapes specializes in custom pondless water features and tailored waterfalls, providing the beauty and soothing sounds of water without the maintenance of a traditional pond.
Unlike traditional ponds, our pondless water features don’t flow into a pond or body of water. Water is collected into a hidden reservoir below a layer of stone and gravel, creating an endless flow that mimics a natural stream or waterfall.
Yes, every pondless water feature we build is sustainable, designed to reduce water usage and waste while maintaining beauty and function. We prioritize eco-friendly solutions to enhance the tranquility of your outdoor space.

Your Backyard Oasis Awaits

Add a touch of serenity to your garden with a custom water feature by Eisenbath Landscapes. Contact us today to learn more about our pondless water features and how we can incorporate one into your property.